[Project] Luckiefun Ravintola

For some reasons, most of my advertising and video production works are for the restaurants. I do not reject the love I spend for food and food photography. However, create ones that are appealing towards the customers is quite hard.

The final objective is making audience feels like:

“Aw, I want to eat that” / “Aw, That looks good”

I came to Luckiefun restaurants on a very cold windy day. The restaurant located in the heart of Helsinki, 3 mins walking from Kamppi Shopping Center. The owner called me a few days ago and he already stated what he want. After 20 mins finalize the need: I got the requires – short video about 15 seconds.

However, I already created few storyboards and it was a pity if I cannot use it. And I negotiation from 1 to 4 short videos clips.

Here is the result:












And my most favorite:



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